Wowww, i swear pokerstars hates me in every sense of the word
I was out 1000+ in three straight tournys today, worst beats ever
the donks calling KK with J4 off, and flopping trip 4's to the AA flopping trips, getting turned and rivered for the straight.. today is just not my day
2 more tournys to go today, i really hope i get some good finishes, cause i am terrified to see the amount of points ive lost today, hell i may join the 10000 club
im going to play straight up, big 10 hands only until i am blinded out, it seems to be the only strategy that is working for me, and even it is falling by the way side
i need at least 1 top 200 finish by tonighttt
wish me luck!

AA vs AQ, flops a queen and pushes, and rivers the trip! man i hate poker sometimes lol