THere is no difference between a card-player and a poker player.  THough the successful may agree to differ.  THere is a motion to the ocean, in any tidal season, and the moon that controls the tides can be sought to be known, too.  TWo players heads up, or fuller 'til nine, two cards are just they, they never have to mind.  THe cards when showed?  MOre-so than not I attest to disagree.  SO numbers exist there, too, also. SEe?

FOr those slow at heart, or need to read it twice, convincingly; I make no disparagement, just as long as you put your chips in the kitty.  ANd once comfortably there, as the blue chips group, if you want it, go and get it, but make decisions endless, for those who oppose you.  Talk about the moon, when the bears love to come to eat, so know which way the wind is blowing all the while you're feeding.



Hal Yeah

friday, october 7, 2011

12:30 pm Chicago, USA