Every hand can have a plan.  A plan to fail it is not, you see.  All the plans must be to win, in this lying-mans game, no-limit texas hold’em, is the only way the path it be.  To be or not to be, shakespeare once said, the last man standing is more like it, amongst a field of ... anyway, you get the message, no need to beat it to death.  But the bears like to eat, and blackberries they wish, to sit and enjoy, from bush to bush, the faster they eat does the next bush become treat.  Where do you stand, to tempt their fate, as they nibble bush to bush, till the last berry of your fait accompli -trust me- you will see, for when they have no food to feed, you can watch them jump, indeed.  And, right out of your way!  But that’s a patient mans game.  How convenient; the two agree.


So the fish and the berries are a bears’ delicacy delight, relying on them almost exclusively, for their fat when the tables left to dine, have collections of berries, on their plates, and careful eyes with slow to pace, now they must tiptoe, and move with grace, those bears to taste, the fruits of your labors, in the wee hour of where a night-cap might celebrate.  Who will tip their glass must know of the bears and their habitat, even to dismiss on occasion or more, but to know is shared by the diner in close quarters.  Who has survived the night-cap to watch the sun arise, from peek to high in it’s sky, perhaps now a mimosa or more fittingly, a bloody mary, with an umbrella, in a tall glass, where the service is beachside.



p.s.  I love cards



Hal Yeah

Sunday, june 19, 2011

2:05 pm Chicago, USA