(con’t)...though they shall walk upon what you do.  Interestingly, enough, always walking behind daddy bear and his son slowly and for no reason, has other benefits, too.  But, only if you always walk only with the exact same step, and never leave until the last moment, barring all seconds - and, of course, with no serious injury to yourselves.  And to reiterate, let me explain.  For if you always are on time, and never a moment late, then you will always be in the right and no one who comes...you will come to know, will ever shout at you, and, in fact, not do so with bold.  And if someone shouts, you only respond to nibble and feast.  Unfortunately, however, a strict line one must tow, of condescensions and rebukes to and fro, just tell them -complaint department third floor.  Though, again to reiterate, only those exactly always whom more than want to, those exactly always whom do, are.  Whom or who, I can never choose, but it is for certain that the who be me and you.  

     Yet, to be disciplined, the above is but one choice, of attention to a bears pace, even if they walk in pairs, perhaps running them on cue may force them for haste, not the berries they favor, then to the river where they trace to catch a fish or yet even better, a main-course on another’s plate.  If you run the bears right you can never be late, even if you throw them a minnow or two, just to find a comp on their taste.  This is poker, a lying-mans game, so ... let them eat cake!  (to be continued)


p.s. I love cards


Hal Yeah

friday, may 20, 2011

3:10 am Chicago, USA