I have the worst score is PSO.  First of all, rarely a group of members compete with abandon as to play umpteen tournaments, only to play umpteen more.  The pittance of prize cannot and is not, as my eye looks, the brass ring.  Nor, in most cases, is winning.  Learning seems to be the soup of the day.  In this vein, below are my thoughts on the subject.  


     I dedicate this post to a pso friend, James, -a husband and father of nine children, though I have no actual knowledge of this.  


   A long walk is on the horizon, for to finish would mean victory.  It is not a lonely nor a treacherous walk, the most comfortable of journeys over most, a lounge-chair and beverage of your choice hauled along for the ride -- with, of course, causing no serious injury to yourselves.  But, then, where does the peril involve?  Exhaustion!  mere exhaustion.  But if you are walking and sitting all the while, sipping on your palates sweet, what is there to be tired from?  Let me explain...  walking is an art of specialty.  The Forrest of players care not who fall.  An Oak, a Spruce, a Cedar alee, who cares?  I do.  For they fall to replenish so much around them, that others of their kind may sprout near-by...or not as you may come to find.  Many branches can fall from a tree wide and tall, and it lives everyday to tell about it.  So which ones thrive, maybe the ones who are alive with the spirit of the Bears when Mike Ditka survived.  The Bears and the Bulls, infectious winning tours, side-by-side, or near-so enough to matter.  Like a walk in the park, let them have a two-pointer or a double-foul try if they might, you will lose anyway and I know why.  The bears can run or walk. A flexible team they are.  And when they feast their best they walk to choose to do so.  And when they were forced to run, they won less.  In fact, bears prefer to walk.  Double in fact, they prefer to walk as slow as possible.  Pay attention, it’s getting good now.  Who is the leader of the bears, it doesn’t matter, so we shall say that daddy bear and his son are walking.  ... (to be continued.)


p.s. I love cards



Hal Yeah

friday, april 15, 2011

11:59 am Chicago, USA