A most humbling 2 days.
I consider myself a fairly decent poker player. I have a fairly good general knowledge of the game, I am disciplined, I have patience and can wait for the good cards. I am aggressive. And I can lay down a hand … to a point.
Running really well, can have the same (if not more) devastating effect on your bankroll as running bad. If you allow it to. I figured that I was doing a lot better than I should have been the last couple of days, and I have been waiting anxiously for the run to come to an end.
It came to an end. It snuck up behind me and slapped me alongside the head. In front of my eyes, Buy In after Buy In scattered itself across the table.
I change tables. I spot someone that would usually make a fantastic atm. Only this time, but the time I figured that he was on a really hot run, and I should maybe leave him alone for a while, he had turned the tables and made a nice ATM out of me. No matter what he played, he hit. And he hit just enough to beat whatever hand I had on show down. I wasn’t playing badly .. (or was I?).
Profits squandered.  I run with tail between my legs. I can’t even get to the  money in a sit n go that I was doing so well in. But I did cash 25c in the depositors freeroll. Just doesn’t seem worth it some days.
I know when i start to  feel like this, its time to take break, and away from the tables.

Now is the time to find out what went wrong.