I guess in the end, this is the most common goal of any poker player, if it is not, you are probably not a very good poker player.

But we all have to start somewhere, so here are my starting goals to pave the way to the ultimate goal.

Stop losing money
I understand that poker has its swings, and that it seems to be the only thing in human history where you can do the correct thing 100% of the time and still not have a favourable outcome....well in the short term.

Learn the strategies
This will obviously be an ongoing process through out my entire poker career. If you stop ....people will pass you by.

Increase my total bankroll.
We all want more money... but this is my training bankroll over the various sites that Ihave started playing at various poker sites. I have excluded my local poker site for 2 reasons, the exchange rate of the south african rand is very low, and the stakes and play is completely different to international poker sites. The chances are quite big that my balance there wont survive. An they are not part of my training plan anyway.

The other sites I play on was purely because of a no deposit bonus that the gave me. On one site, I built up $8.00 to $20 playing 1c/2c tables. The other site... i lost the entire $10. Or was it $7?

This did answer one question ... no you dont play better when using someone elses money.

On Poker Stars i will be playing (winning or losing doesnt matter at this stage) 150 SitnGos. the $1.00 or $1.50 45/90 mans turbo SnGs. The idea behind this is put me in majority of the situations i will face at home, and give the experience to takle the tournaments at home with confidence.

The added twist to the above goal, is that i should be 4 tabling  them at a time, and that will be a serious learning curve for me ... which I am expecting to cost a packet. But, my training bankroll will cover this excersize and leave me with enough to grind some cash tables in case i dont win a single  SnG.

And now since joining PSO, i want to get to the leader board.

Oh and not to forget my first deposit bonus needs to released, and that means lots of cash games as they earn more points in general over SnGs.