So I call the day IT was Ok, but i make some stupid mistakes Todays summary is below and I put  one hand what made me angry I´m not very good with holdem manager, i dont know how to post proper stats and graph straight here, but tomorrow I try. This is todays summary, at end of week i try to do somekind week summary or something like that. Every comment and advice is welcome And i play 4 tables at time too. 



"Hand Date","Session Start Time","Session Length (Minutes)","Session Game Types","Total Hands","Net Won USD","bb/100","VPIP","PFR","3Bet","WTSD%","W$SD%","Agg","Agg%"

"24.10.2013","24.10.2013 16:14:32","386","$0,01/$0,02 NL","1746","$3,68","10,54","16,52","10,66","3,09","33,73","45,88","1,70","33,40"  , That guy was a donk, he was angry hand or two before  i beat him, i had AQ vsAK i got Q. 


Thank everyone whos reading this and comments