Well I ended up playing the 100k freeroll ticket I had.The more I think about it , the more upset I get! I ended up finishing ITM, but went out 2140 place,140 spots before the final table ticket was awarded. I was in the pot sitting in the BB with Q7d I think. flop came with two diamonds . I made a value bet and got two callers. The turn came another diamond and being first too act, I checked. The other players also checked. The river came a blank... So I pushed all in thinking I was ok with my Q high flush. Player too my left folded and the last player called. I was sure I had won until he turned over the A high flush! He had outplayed me and sent me packing...This ruined all my hard work and needless to say I went through the ten bucks I won in less than 24hours. I am not a very good player and need a ton of practice! I will be playing my Big Game Final Round ticket on Sunday. I am unsure how it will all play out, but how things have been going I dont expect much! I will give my all on Sunday and hope I make the casting pool. Until then you wont see much good play out of me because I have givin up on this months PSO and intend too do much better next month! Hope someone out there does good cause it sure aint me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!