For those who dont know that I have won two big tickets, one is for The Big Game final round qualifier And just this past sunday I won the 100K Lamborghini Weekly Final ticket! I have been holding on too them and have been practicing at PSO and my one Lamborghini freeroll. Well in the Lamborghini game I have been knocked out pretty early. Last night I had AA and lost and today I had KK and bet 4 times the big blind which was 800. I got 4 calls and the flop came982 I think with a rainbow showing. I got checked too and bet another 800, all folded and one raised 75 more all in. Of course I called and he had 9Aos. Turn came too no help too either of us. The river shows up a 9! Im stunned with less than 10 bb! I ended up going all in with 78s and lost of course. Im just hoping that this does not occur when I do decide too play these hard earned tickets! I guess my question is , is it possible too win another ticket or am I just having a bad run? Oh well, I will let yall know when I play these tickets and the results they bring. I am going too keep practicing until then. Thank you again PSO staff for this oppurtunity! Good luck at the tables..... cuz Im not having any, LOL!