I need too focus on what Im doing when Im playing. I dont know if those previous finishes were a fluke or what. I hop into hands after I see players calling alot of hands with complete junk. Of course as soon as I call with a class 4 or worse hand, I end up losing. After I lose I cant seem too get my game back on track and that has really affected my ranking. It seems too me that if I call or limp in on a small bet out of position,that I lose the hand no matter what kind of hand I flop. When I play class 1 and 2 hands and class 3 and 4 hands in position and steady bet 4times the BB I do well. Players see the game Im playing and tighten up when I bet. So I try and mix up my game and lose my chips rapidly. Im trying too figure out how to mix up my game without losing my stack.Once I have the chips to bet with, my game takes off cause I can really play my best poker game. My main trouble is getting out of the gate at the start of these tourneyments. How do I get past this hill in my game? Mabey its just luck and I really dont have any real skills! Well I have lost all my winnings besides 1cent that mocks me. Theres no way I can make a deposit yet LOL. Then again mabey I will deposit 50dollars and see what happens. I did get my second big game round 2 ticket,and mabey tomorrows game will get me too that round 3 game. Ill find out tomorrow and make a post and let yall know. Also im going to try with my money at some micro games and see if I can make some profit for a change! wish me luck and good luck too all who read this. And may god bless you and those tou love no matter what your backround is. See you at the tables!