It's been a hell of a grind, 14 months ago i won a mincash in the Round 2 freeroll, and very very slowly and choppily i've managed to micro tourney and sng my way to the 125$ mark. 


Bankroll management guidelines suggest buying in for 5% of your total bankroll as a way of advancing without risking denting your bankroll irrevocably, but I can't help equating 5$ with a months worth of sweat, rage and tears - Quite literally.

If you've heard of Chris "Jesus" Ferguson's Bankroll Challenge a few years back, he basically said it took him 9 months to reach the 100$ mark, and then another 9 months to reach the 10,000$ mark - all without investing a single cent. Now wouldn't that be sweet? obviously I'm no where near the path to that, but knowing it's vaguely possible does motivate me to give it my best shot.

But I have made no headway in 4 months and I say that every time I edge my way into the next stakes level I take a hit and have to grind my way back to even, but what i'm starting to suspect is that i've been timid, and careful, and that's no way to get ahead in poker.

Fortune favors the bold, good things come to those who raise, and so forth. I'm really going to have to shift my mindset.

Also it's finally dawned on me that the only real solid profits for me, have come from tournaments, and that Zoom, while fun and fast, has barely been a break-even endeavor.

So, Bigger risks - Bigger rewards. - and just enough zoom to maintain ChromeStar status for now.