I started this post to whine about the 2-3 outers that keep busting me out of MTTs, but there's nothing really that I can learn from those hands, you just gotta roll with it, keep getting your money in good and you'll win it most of the time. Your AK WILL beat KQ 75% of the time, same goes for A10. And those pocket 6s probably won't improve against your top pair top kicker. 

And you gotta remember that time in the givaway, you, or someone like you, were on the bubble and you were getting blinded away to the point where you were in the bb and all in with no choice in the mattter with 3-6 off, and you doubled up through pocket 10s. A small hit for him, but a huge miracle for that person who trippled up (who shall remain nameless :wink: ). 

As I type this my AJ gets beat By A10, but this is a positive post and i'm just gonna appreciate the irony and move on.

Oh and i'm not even gonna get started about the flips.