I was going to make my first post yesterday, when I'd finally turned the 40c I won in round 2 into 40$ and was feeling like a genius. It took 10 days and a hell of alot of grinding.

Without having invested a cent i'd gotten my bankroll to 42$. 

But today, having neglected to post when i was ahead of my goals, i have to admit defeat having lost 5 consecutive 1.5$ sng buy-ins and alot of my confidence...

They say when you win you gain money, when you lose you gain experience, I hope in the long run it proves as valueable. There will be days like this, and today i'll quit while i'm behind.

I feel like i've learned more in the last few days about applying what i've read in books and articles than in all the the years and hands of playmoney and freerolls combined, about playing the right hands in position and managing my meager bankroll. So thank you pokerstars, i'll see ya around.