I was for the first time, tonight, on a final table from a " big " MTT for me, I mean big because it had 300 people and it was regular, after 3 hours I reach the final table, anyway, I was kinda short stack but I made my way to 3 handed, playing tight agressive, you know, so there's this guy very loose agressive on my right, I'm on the button and have 9 10 suited and open 2BB, the small folds it to him and he calls, I knew he would defend the big, he was deep stack by the way, the flop comes 8h7hJd, yes, I flop the nuts, I bet half the pot re raises me, I re raise, shove, call. he had 77, triple sevens, turn 4, river J, anyway, after 3 hours playing, not just 3 hours, all day, but 3 on just this one, it's not nice to have a beat beat on a final table, good night.