Hey yoooo everyone!

How are things?

I may skip the general's life update as it may be boring for you sometimes. Although that most of the moments are important for me, I'll just share with you what may sound juicy objectively!

So, it has been an easy going week.. The tennis match has been finally held.. Had been really fun.. And it seems that we are going to stick on that weekly.. I may try to have some course once a week although my schedule is really full..

And let's come to poker.. The weekend has started extremely hot as you'll see from the graph below..

Was very happy to achieve almost 10bb/ 100 in more than 25K hands.. Then all of a sudden.. The downhill.. Really sad image on the graph.. Hadn't change anything to my game.. And wouldn't say that I have been  overwhelmed from the hot streak.. Had learnt to balance my emotions so far.. For sure, I may have done mistakes or played badly at some point.. Among others, I have learned to not stop playing because I run bad.. but only when I play bad.. As all of you may already know.. It definitely sucks when you run bad.. I am working on my mental game to try to stay focused.. I am not letting anything affect me.. Lady variance is very hot lately.. Today I have session with coach.. as we didn't have session last week.. Here's a nice video he has once sent me among all the nice stuff he does:


Last week's goals:

- Tennis match --> check
- More than 6 bb/100 regardless the volume --> X

Week's goals:

- Work on my mental game
- More than 6 bb/100

I know that it hasn't been the sexiest post and I apologize for that

Looking forward to the next post

Take care all of you