Hope this post finds everyone well

Had been a construction weekend. I have placed some exterior luminaries to the front garden of my place.. I am cropping vegetables in the back one, such as cauliflowers, broccoli, spinach, lettuce and parsley. Among those, I have a lemon tree, an orange tree, a pomegranate tree, oregano, louisa and mint. As you may imagine, the latter are for the summer and specifially the mint to supplement the mojitos . Anyway, all those above are perfect for a nice diet which is EV+ ..

Sunday, we had lunch with my gf and my step father who have cooked an awesome recipe based on beef and orange. Really yummy!

Pokerwise.. a steady week I would say.. even upwards as you will notice from the stats below:


Although, it is only a couple of thousands hands, I m happy to crush the stake for the month

Running good overall with that 10NL shot

Last week's goals:

- I have achieved to reduce smoking which is a good step for me
- I may have not started working out yet, but I had a nice tennis match last Monday
- I may have reached the more than 6 bb/100 but not the volume

Week's goals

- Tennis match
- More than 25K hands with more than 6 bb/100
- Post some pictures of the not poker related stuff

C u soon..