Some update since last week.. Will try to keep it like this..

Had been to an event related to my fulltime job (κοπή πίτας, for Greek people) on Friday.. What a failure! Lol.. I mean.. the place wasn't so bad.. at least I like these places.. Would say that it looks like a dungeon.. Lol.. Anyway.. Not the appropriate place to celebrate such event.. There was a live band which was really mediocre.. Haven't stayed too long.. Apparently, the live band stopped at some point.. then The Dj has arrived which was even worst! Lol.. Anyway.. Had a chill weekend overall..

Pokerwise.. Someone is feeling confident here.. what I mean? had been almost breaking even with 5NL.. It has been like this during the whole weekend.. Then took some shots to 10NL cautiously.. My limit has been 3BI.. More than that I would have to go back to 5NL..

Here is where miss confidence come.. Had been breaking even for about a couple thousand hands.. Then boom! Miss Hot joined the club! The times you adore this game.. I recall having a minute where at all my tables something was happening.. So much that I may have lost some value to some hands.. As the next one:

Would consider breaking even in the luck factor generally.. Anyway.. Here is the stats update overall:

Not a big difference since last time.. but havent put much volume.. i'm happy anyway with my peroformance..

And a graph for that 10NL shot specifically:

I dont think I will leave that 10NL shot before the limit I put

Having session with super coach later He is really awesome!

I admit that I havent studied much lately rather than played

Some shorterm goals:

- Getting back to work out (has been over a month)
- Take a break from smoking (or at least reduce it)
- More than 25K hands with more than 6 bb/100

C ya next week hopefully