Hello from a 35 yo guy from Greece who hears in the name of Chris..

This is my very first blog..

Have grown up in Belgium then moved to Greece in 1999 in order to study Business Administration..

At this moment I have a full time job + another part time job.. I don't complain about my earnings as it is more than enough for Greece.. specifically taking into consideration the situation here the last couple of years..

I have a lovely gf since more than 6 months.. who's actually moved to my place..

I try to avoid junk food and work out twice a week and also play soccer.. I am also part of a theatre team.. where actually we are rehearsing in order to perform the coming summer.. Had also performed twice the last two years..

I have been introduced into the world poker by a friend many years ago.. specifically in Titan poker.. I have started gambling in tourneys without any serious success.. Then decided to switch in cash games a couple of years ago.. Have started reading some books.. got some coaching.. And here I am today..

I had around 17 euros left in my br in PS and wanted to give a shot to 2NL even though the br isnt enough.. I began my shot in October 18th 2015.. Took a shot in 5NL in late November 2015 which didn’t go well.. mostly have also played badly.. Then due to a bonus reward, had been able to have more than 30 BI for 5NL.. Below you will find my results so far..

I guess that it is due to a mix of variance and bad play..

My short-term plans for the future

- Work on combo's with Flopzilla --> by the end of the quarter
- Begin Meditation --> 2016

That's it for now

Will be back with an update