$2.20 sat. to sunday storm (just playing to win the $11 tourney money)

Im playing pretty strong, 40 entrants maybe top 7 win the ticket.  Im doing ok stack at 2k (start 1500) and blinds starting to get bigger.

make some moves nad good folds (I think) this 1 aggresive guy kept raising pretty big and I would basically had to commit so I tossed KQ suited twice and KQ off (and just folded it again at another tourney I joined)

But I got all my chips in twice 99 vs AJ, flop was an ace but I turn my 9.

Another hand all in QQ vs AJ and I won.

but then comes my big mistake...
910 suited in SB, chip leader (really big stack) is to my left in BB.  I limp he calls.  flop k69 i check he bet, i figure hes trying to steal.  i call, turn is another king so im pretty sure my 9s are good.  i check he bets i shove he calls and had k6 for the boat.  so ridiculous.

then I just busted out of my other tourney so unbelievable.  2nd hand i get QJ limp, 1 raiser I call flop trip queens.  i check he shoves I call and win and double up.  

few hands later raiser in early position open sfor 3X im in the SB with A7 suited so i figure I can make the call to see the flop.  I flop my ace and check, he shoves and I decide to gamble.  He turns over KQ and has a gutshot.  turn is a king so he now has 8 outs, and the river.  a freaking 10.  I cant believe it.

so 2 tourneys I get lucky a few hands, but the crappy thing about these pokerstars tourneys is that even with all the luck in the world one hand with bad luck and all the good luck means absolutely nothing.

so only lost $4.40 in the 2 tourneys but I had a great chance of getting the satelite ticket for about $9 profit and i get sucked out by the KQ.  

These tourneys are so horribly structured, blinds dont go up for 10 or 15 minutes but starting with only 1500 chips your down to 10-15 big blinds within 30 minutes unless you get some big hands early on so these players are constantly shoving and its no longer poker but just a game of bingo and it really sucks especially when you get sucked out by freaking KQ.  

guess il just have to try again another day.