so yesterday I played 8 tables, ended up busting out of 5 of them (pick up KK i run into AA, i have a flush, river pairs the board and he hit a full house,  I have AJ he had AK, just a bunch of garbage but a lot of bad luck.)  I know I got lucky a few times, won a monster pot by getting  a flush with 4 of a suit on the table so that was my 1 lucky draw yesterday, ended up playing the last 3 tables and winning most of my losses back but still ended up losing a little over $1.50 in probably around 300 hands.

so I try again today hoping to be a little more productive.

I decided to only do 6 tables so I could focus more and stay on one screen.  I had an amazing day to say the least.
at one point literally simultaneously at 3 tables I had AA, AA, and KK.  my first AA table I got it all in on the flop, he turned over KK.  2nd AA table I flopped trips and got a full boat, i was out of position so it was hard to get full value (checked-called his flop and turn bets) and bet out on the river but couldnt get a call.  my KK table i raised preflop and didnt get any callers.

Other notable big pots: I have AJ and A10 suited, small raises preflop and I call with both.
AJ: flop flush draw, check-call mode.  turn is a blank but all small cards on the table, so out of position I make a bet and he calls.  I river the nuts, make a value bet and get paid off.  he turned over KK

A10 (hearts): flop 1 heart, check all around.  turn is another heart, check all around.  River is the Jack of hearts.  i have the nuts again.  pot is about 25 cents, I bet 10 cents and 2 callers.  they both had AJ.

and last big hand:  97 in the SB, flop comes 97A.  I lead out with about 10 cent bet, 1 fold and 1 raise for probably 30-40 cents.  I shove for $1ish he calls and turns over A3 top pair.  turn and river are blanks and I scoop up a big pot.

So after playing only 109 hands I turned a $4.40 profit for the smallest stakes.  I'm in a much better mood today