Pick up KK in the dealer position, 1 limper early position, blinds 1/2k.  I raise to 6k.  BB is all in last remaining 5k chips and limper calls.  flop seems harmless, he shoves i insta call.

early position flips over 66 and flopped a set, and even though ive had the same situation happen twice this tourney where i had the better hand, fell behind, then came back, it was not gonna happen this time.

so I lose the 30k pot with all my chips and exit in 93rd.  im happy im 3 cashes out of 4 attempts this month. should have just shoved preflop but who knows if they would have called or not.

oh well it was a good tourney lots of dramatic hands that I benefited from and stayed alive, and my luck finally ran out.  time to get my day started