had some pretty crazy hands play out.

couple of notable hands:
quick summaries since hand history probably too much.

1st hand, middle of tourney.  K8 in the BB, small blind min raises and I call.  Flop KQQ.  SB bets I shove he calls.  SB turns over JJ.  Turn is a jack.  River is a king.  crazy crazy cards, i make a decent double up.

Pocket 9s.  1 short stack all in for a little over 2BB i think, mayb 3BB.  I call SB and BB also make the call.  FLop 9qk.  I have 5k chips, one of the blinds bets I shove he calls his last 2k chips and turns over j10.  i dont fill up and Im back down to about 2500.

about 300 left in the tourney.  QQ in the small blind.  Hijack seat or cutoff shoves last 5000 chips, i have 3500 and make the call.  He turns over AK.  Flop is the king.  turn is the queen.  I more than double up and now have a 9k chip stack sitting in 60th with 240 left.  120 cash.  hopefully i can repeat and go 3/4 in cashes this month