So I just played 5 straight hours of poker, time to hit the books and study for finals.

so 5th place in the league tourney, probably could have did better but I just stopped caring and started shoving.  So I've played 2 tourneys this month, cashed both and final table 1.  I say thats a decent record.

then did a $1.35 knockout tourney at the snapper's club.  15 players, final table in decent place with decent amount of chips.

earlier in the tourney i have JJ flop AJ2 all spades, end up getting  a shorter stack all in.  he had AA also flopped the set.  Sick, but I ended up getting the chips back later.

Then my bust hand: AK earlyish position (probably UTG+2 or +3, 9 or 8 handed)  I make a 3x BB raise, 1 caller.  Flop A10.9. I bet he call. small bet, hoping to get a call  Turn is a blank, I bet big now (about a little over 1/2 the pot) he call.s  river is my king so I have 2 pair..  I shove he calls and turns over QJ to river the straight.  Unbelievable.

Made some great lay downs in the pso tourney, flopped trip queens and by the river a 10 would have given him a straight and he had it, folded some big decent pocket pairs and overall great poker showing