Ive started to play a couple of these because I like practicing tourneys and knockouts are fun to get some good money in.

First few hands I pick up a pocket pair, I think it was 7s or 8s.  Flop is 6 high Im all in 1 caller is about 100 behind, he had top pair and I took most of his chips.  Next hand I get 9s and he pushes his last chips in, so Im thinking sweet I'll get his chips and get credit for the knockout I deserve.  He turns over 56 suited and flops trip 5s.  Disgusting.   So I didn't get credit for his knockout but I got some comfort chips.

I ended up getting my first knockout with 2/3 off.  One player pushes his last 60 chips or so so lot of callers and I figure maybe i can get lucky.  Table puts 4 clubs on the table, I'm the only one with a club so I get my knockout that I deserved.

Get a few more knockouts and I make it far, down to top 20 or so and play is tightenting up, and stacks are pretty deep (average about 30 BB) so nothing crazy is going on.  Player to my left is chip leader most of the tourney.  At one point I was 2nd but I think he was leader for majority of tourney.  He was the luckiest player I have EVER seen.

The hands this guy won was soo ridiculous I saved the hand history to look back and share some of the stuff that he won with.  Im not going to paste the hand history but I'll give you a summary of some hands he donked out big time.

Donk: 7/8 diamonds.
Other player in hand: Q10

Flop 10 8 3, only 1 diamond.  1 bet, Q10 reraises, donk calls.
Turn 4d.  so i guess donk had a flush draw so not horrible play except he called the flop.  
River: 7.  Donk rivers 2 pair.

So i guess not horribly played besides a call on the flop but still pretty lucky.

Another ridiculously lucky hand:
DONK: 7/10 suited
Other player: 8/9 off.

flop 567.  Other player flops the nuts, donk calls with just top pair even after guy with nuts reraises.
turn is the 8.  Donk has a gutshot and calls a big bet.
river is the 9, giving the donk the better straight.

Another hand:
Donk: KK
Other player AJ.

Preflop: AJ raises, KK reraises, AJ calls.  Ace comes on the flop.  KK is first to act and moves all in.  AJ calls, river is the king

Another hand:
Donk: q9.
Other player AK

Flop is the ace, he calls a bet with middle pair (9s)  turn is another 9 giving him trips.

Donk: 44
Other player: JJ

JJ shoves preflop, donk calls and hits a set.  Donk had a huge chip lead and the all in wasnt a huge hit to his chips but its just annoyingly lucky

There were other hands I didnt see where he came from behind or would enter a hand with something like 6/4 off and flopped 2 pair against top pair top kicker.

i think other times he called with lower pocket pairs and would hit trips to knockout people. he must have knocked out at least 6 people with worse hands, it was crazy.  

I ended up 6th in the tourney, down to about 10 BBs, 1 raise infront I shove with AK get called by KQ.  Im dominating, and I'm gonna get a much needed double up and be in a great place.  oh wait, theres the queen on the flop.

Oh well about $6 profit on the tourney brining my bankroll up to over $40.  Played some omaha cash game, played dumb and lost $1.50 (flop trips 9s with 789 on the table, i dont want to believe the have it but they did) or I got a straight they had a better straight, or I had 2 pair and they had the hit 4 different cards to get a straight and got the straight on the river.

so slowly building up the bankroll, up about $10 after my cashout, just gotta keep grinding