So probably 2 months ago I decided to learn the basics of omaha so I can expand my poker playing abilities.  I started playing hi/lo but I feel that the whole splitting of the pot adds too much luck into the game and most players are playing hoping to win only the low pot.  I played some small cash tables (.01/.02 cent tables) and I dont think I earned any money.  Seemed like the pot would be chopped so often and the only one making money was pokerstars from the rake.  I hate going into a hand and splitting the pot only to los money because all the chips go in the middle and everyone chops.

So I switched to just regular omaha.  Ive been up and down but I still feel that there is too much luck involved.  hand ranges are so wide even if you have two aces in your hand 80% of the time they are no good.  I enjoy playing it for fun and low stakes but I don't see it as a main part of my poker playing.  Maybe the beginners tighten up the range once the money gets bigger, but I hate to have my aces cracked by someone with 5678 calling pot reraises just hoping to catch.

So I know that PSO is a holdem tourney, but what is everyone's opinion on omaha.  Do you play it, how well do you think you do, and maybe should PSO add an omaha part or create a separate entity for omaha players.