Well I figured I mine as well start one of these too.  I played the free money for a long time.  Got up to over 200,000 chips and I felt like I knew what I was doing.  I didnt want to make a deposit so I had to win the money during a freeroll.

Finally did will in the Hubble tourney, and after about 6 hours of play I got 7th place and won a ticket to the weekly freeroll. Woke up extra early to play, this was my shot to start playing with the big dogs.  Did decent in the weekly tourney, held on til the money and made a wopping .60 cents!!!  So i looked at what I could play with that.  I couldnt play cash games, so I was stuck to .25 and .10 cent tourneys.  The first real money .25 cent touney I did I think I got 1st place, and maybe won $1 or $2.  

Kept playing small limit tourneys and eventually built it up to $3, then to $10, then kept building and building.  Eventually after about 5 months I was up to over $200.  I would play $6 18 person tourneys, I would lose a few then win them and my bank roll would stay around $190-$200.  Eventually I got up to $250, but then it hit the fan.

Kept playing the $6 tables and I wouldn't win my money back.  Dropped down: $150, $130, $100 and i kept playing telling myself that I would win it back.  Eventually was down to about $50 and I knew I had to change my playing style.

Played lower limit tourneys again, and built it back up to $200.  I got up to $215 at one point and started going down again.  Kept hovering around $180-$190 but then dropped to $150ish.  Was on a really bad streak these last few days so I got fed up and decided I didnt want another horrible loss.  WIthdrew money for the first time since having my account.  So I will be officially $100 richer thanks to playing poker.  I can brag to all my friends who gave me crap for wasting time and playing the free poker on facebook and pokerstars.  all that hard work has paid off!

Im hoping on builidng my bankroll back up again, I have only $30 now in my account but I feel with good Bankroll management I can get back over $100.  Im hoping on winning some money here from the leaderboard, but with school I can't play a tourney a day.  I do have a $215 tourney ticket that I won so I'm hoping to turn that into some good money either through the steps or take my chances in the sunday million.

So my best was from $0 to $250.  I know a lot of people are trying to start from $0, how has it been going for you.  I dont know how Ferguson was able to go from $0 to $10,000 seems like he played a ton and I know other people have done it, so hopefully I can keep this going.