Hi poker community,


As stated on my 2013 Time Vault Challenge, after one year of losing money by playing poker, this year I will try to increase my bankroll from $ 80 to $ 1.000 playing cash NLHE. This is an ambitious goal, which is what makes it a challenge, but it’s also a reasonable one… I’m getting tired of “don’t get results oriented.

I will do my best to reach that goal by playing every time I can (with one and three years old daughters, a wife, and a full time job it’s hard to find enough time) and studying the game, by reading books and reviewing all the fantastic information available at PSO.

On the road to search for the $ 1.000 bankroll goal I hope the practice of writing about poker will motivate me to think deeper about the game I love while sharing my findings with you.

Hope to see you at the tables