On Saturday Morning I decided to play the Micro Millions #80 despite the fact that I had worked all night and was exhausted.  The game entry fee to this game was $2.20 with Unlimited rebuys (3000 chips) for $2.20 and a add-on (30,000) for $2.20.

To my surprise, I did finish ITM with $21.70 with no re-buys or add-ons.  At certain points of the game, it started to get really hard for me as the lack of sleep was getting to me.  However, somehow, when it was needed, I was making the right calls at the right time to keep myself in the game.  This by the way is only the 2nd time that I cashed in on this year's Micro Millions games.

But, this blog is not about how well I did in this game but what I noticed during the game.  As I played, I always watch how other people play and how they bet.  This gives me information in what type of game they play and just where there skill level is, as well as where some of their weaknesses are. 

This is especially true when it comes to 'Unlimited Rebuy' games.  These generally are not my favorite games but I do understand how they can increase the size of the payouts come paired to regular one amount buy in tournements. 

So why are they not my favorite games?  Mostly for the part that it often brings out the worest in players.  Far too often these games are or become an 'ALL-IN' fiasco with at least one player trying to win each hand by going all in dispite what cards were dealt to them.

And this game was much the same.  At first it wasn't that bad with just a couple of players doing this but not on a regular basis.  However, as the game went on and new players were added to the table, this started to change.  Still, it was pretty tame compared to some of the games I been in.  It wasn't until I got moved to another table that I notice that this trend was in affect. 

A player sitting to my left, got knocked out (he did not rebuy) and the player that replaced him was playing with this style of poker.  Strangely enough, he had some success this way, but just keep playing with complete abandon and when he had a build up of chips, he would quickly loose them and had to rebuy more chips.  I can't say how many times he did this before moving to the same table as me, but I figured that once on the same table, he had re-bought the equivalent of 15 times plus with the 'Add-on'.  So, that's a little more than $35 to stay in this game and really, the only way he would be able to beak even is if he finished in the top 300 places. 

Sadly for him, he fell short of the bubble.  His style of play got to the point that he appeared to have one goal only and that was to just bust people by going in on every hand.  He would bust out and right after rebuying goin all in again just to bust out again.

I remember during a PSOnline session that when we play these type of games, we should set a limit on how many rebuys we want to do,  Generally 1 or 2 at the most.  In this game, a total of 6544 players had reg'd in but 24,192 had used the rebuy. 

The lesson here I think is not only to limit how many rebuys you are going to use, but also, and maybe more important, control your emotions when you play this game.  It's easy sometimes to get fustrated when you play especially when you get good hands beating by weaker hands and it becomes easy to tilt.  Once this starts to happen, then it is best just to leave the game for awhile.