For every ups in poker you are going to get downs as well.  Everyone has been affected by downswings at one point of their game or another.  Sometimes these downswings are of no fault of your game but is just the way the game is going.  In this case, these downswings are very short lived.  Other times it can be caused by a weakness in your game or one that has developed into you game.  These sometimes can take longer to fix.

I recently just went through one of these downswings and I am now just starting to turn my game back around to where I'm finishing 'In The Money' more often now or winning the game. 

I'm not sure what started this down swing, but I believe that it may have started about the time that I started to play some tournaments that were just out of my skill range (although they were in my Bankroll range).  This 1st game I played, I was knocked out very early in the game.  I had some good hands, but just didn't win many of them.  After the game, I knew I should have been more patient in my game and not have played some of the hands that I did. 

The 2nd time I played in a game that was beyond my skill level was when I clicked on the wrong game.  I thought I was entering into a 55¢ Bounty game but ended up signing up for a $55 PLO bounty game. Yikes!!!  I did not have any time to 'Unregister' from the game as it had already just stated. Anyways, I got trashed during the game.  Out early and my bankroll took a huge hit.

I seem to struggle after that.  Playing tournaments well until just after the bubble then I just couldn't win hands even when I had good cards.  But then, I would do well but just seem to lose the game just before the bubble.  As this continued on, I felt fustration creeping into my game.  When this happens, you are going to make mistakes that will cost you. 

Then It just seem to snowball after that.  Making bad plays, not playing hands that I though were good at first but folding because someone either made a large bet or large re-raise.  My Cash games were suffering as well with players jamming post flop and I was trying to catch them bluffing.  Far too often they were not or I would start off with the better hand but they ended up winning on the Turn or the River.

I knew that I needed to make changes in how I was playing. In how I was thinking, and how I was coming across to other players.  I realized that I had become an easy read. 

So now I've started to make some changes in how I'm playing, how I'm thinking during a game.  I'm no longer allowing bad results affect me.  After all, you can have good hands, but still loose the pot. 

Good Poker Everyone