Poker is a game in which we do get involved emotionally just a little to deeply sometimes.  Whether it's playing a cash stakes games or even just a play money games.  Winning becomes everything to some players and they will do anything to win.

Over the last few months, in the PSO Community Home Game's, in the play money portion, I have seen players arguing with each other over a hand that was played from earlier in the game and even from a previous game.  People have agrued on how the other person betted making them fold their hand only to find out that they could have won that hand.  I have seen heated agurements by players who have had the better hand and should have won.  I even have had players get mad at me because I picked up the card I needed on the river to beat them and they felt that I should have folded my hand before then and I have seen this agurement against other players as well.

These argurements do get very heated and go on far too long to a point that a monitor has to step in and threaten them to put an end to it.  Sadly, not everyone listens and I have heard of and seen players get removed. 

There have even been a few cases were a player has used corse language and sexual insults to try and get other players off the game.

Now, before I go on, I like to say that I have developed a friendship and have respect for many of the players in the PSO Home Games and what has been happening lately will not change that.  However, what happened to me just recently has caused me to consider if I will continue playing in the Playmoney portion to the home games in the future.

Here is what transpired:  I was not having a very good game, not getting many good hands, and I was being patient for some decent cards to come my way and finally did with a pocket pair.  I opened with  3bb bet and all folded except 1 person.  The flop gives me nothing but I make a 3bb continuation bet. The other player calls. The turn again gives me nothing but so far it is looking good for me with 1 face card.  Before I could make another bet, the other player asked in the chat if I could beat a particular hand.  With what was layed down so far, I couldn't.  So I folded.  He then put in the chat that he had a different hand but did not show his hand.

No matter what he had, this was wrong and he should not have done that.  Other players told that as well.  What really got me though was that he made the joke that JWK was not here so it was OK for him to do so and some of the other players started to joke about it such as playing head games and etc.

There are written and unwritten rules when it comes to online poker games and how players are to conduct themselves.  These rules are easy to find.  All you have to do is just google it and you will find many sites that have listed them (althought much of it has to do with live tourneys). 

So this is all I have to say on it except these few words:

Think about what you say before and after saying it.  It could be insulting to that other person.  If you have isulted other person even by mistake, then apologize right away.

If you feel slighted by another player either by what they did or said, mention it once and let it go.  Don't go on about it.

Do not cheat by giving the impression that you have a better hand than what you have.

Do not use swearing or sexually abuse language to get other players off their game.

Good Gaming Everyone