I was watching a live stream on Twitch just before the start of the PCA when someone came on and stated that he could not win a SNG and asked how he could get better.  He recieved alot of responses to his guestion, many of them good, but very many that were not.  This got me thinking of when I first started playing poker on PokerStars.  I was terrible at it.  In fact, I was so bad at it that I quit playing for some time.

When I finally did start to play again, I was still bad at it, but I did find something that was a great help to me to get me on the right road to improve on my game.  That was the PokerSchoolOnline. 

Through their Poker Courses, Videos, and of course the Living Training Sessions, I was able to identify the many mistakes that I had been making, and to start to make changes.  Although the changes were slow in coming, they were nevertheless coming.  Now to improve, you need to pratice, and work on what you learn.      

One of the 1st things that needs to be identified is the level in which you can play at.  For me, it was using the FreeRolls and Play Money Tournaments, and the PSO Open Skill leaque to develop my game.  In these types of tournaments, you will be playing against a great varied field of players.  From those that are just starting out to those that have of certian amount of skill, to those that just don't care about playing with any type of skill (or sense) at all.  For me, this was a great arena for me to learn how others play poker, and for me to work within these many varied styles of playing.  It can be frustrating at times, but as the saying goes: "Patience is a Virtued"

One of the other areas that help me was joing the PSO Community Home Games.  In the play money games, there were (and still are) many players that will let you know when you are making mistakes.  They will give some advise to change what you did wrong.  But don't expect this all the time.

Once you have decided to play Real Money Games, you have to determine what level you what to play at.  Most I believe would tell you to keep it simple and small.  That is: play Single Table and Multi Table games to start with and play the 50 cent to $1 games.  This way, if you loose at the beginning, it will not harm any bankroll you may have.  In time, you may not be winning any of these, but you most likely will be placing in the money in them.  Once you have done that, then the wins will shortly start to come.

To become a better poker player is to take steps.  With each step, you will have failures and successes.  With each success, your confindence in your game will improve and then you will be able to move up to the next level.  One of the things that all of the Trainers at PSO will say is to examine your hands after each game.  Not just the hands that you lose on, but also the ones that you won on. 

Well, that's my 2 cents worth of advice.  I hope it is of help to some.