I don't know if 2014 was a good year or a bad year.  It certainly had some good moments and had some bad moments. 

The year started off quite well with me attaining Chrome status (with the help of a PokerStar promo), and was able to keep this up for a couple of months.  Then I started to have some health issues and ended up not playing much if any poker for awhile.  Of course, my Chrome status was gone and I went back down to being a Bronze player.  I actually did not mind this as it took some pressure off of me and when I finally got to playing poker again, I had made the decision to stay at this level. 

 I also decided that to get myself back into the game, I was going to use the "FreeRolls and Playmoney" Tournaments to work on my game (get into game shape) and to improve in areas that I knew I was weak in.  Some of these areas I did improve on, but there are still some I still need to work on.  But, then, I think we are always in need to keep improving and refining our game.  One of these areas was in my confidence about my game and being able to win hands let alone, tournaments. 

One of my goals that I developed was to find a way to win Tournaments.  I would often get to the final table of smaller tournaments (9, 45 & 90), and then lose in the Heads Up part of the game.  I realised that I had to relearn how to play this part of the game in order for me to win.  At first, I couldn't understand why I was getting the .... (well you know what) out of me when I was playing the hands like I was that got me here.  I learned later that I had to play the game completely different that I had been playing it.  I found a training tool in the PSO's Library that helped me called "Playing Poker Heads-Up - Tips & Tricks"

 I was wanting to put a couple of hands in this blog, but for some reason, I could not get any hands from the Hand Replayer on here, so, sorry about that.

December ended up being a big month for me as I was working on a few weak areas of my game and one of those is in the Cash Games.  I finally figured out (one of the reasons anyways) why I don't do well when I play cash games is my mind set.  When I play in tournaments, I'm playing with chips.  My money has already been spent for the entry into the game so it is no longer part of my thinking.  With Cash games, I'm playing with real money (although I have set a limit), and my mind fights with that.  I can say that I have improved a little bit on this, but still have a long ways to go.

The other thing I noticed was that in December, I was very close to my yearly VPP's total.  I hadn't realised that I had gotten that close and the with some work, I could actually get it.  And I did get it.  As a bronze player, it is only $10, but for me, it felt like a huge accomplishment because I had written this off as an unattendable earlier in the year.

Well, that's about it for 2014.  What's in store for 2015? I really do not know.  At this point, I'm not setting any goals for me expect just to carry on with what I have been doing and hopefully, continue to improve my game.  How knows, maybe one day I will win the Storm, or some other big poker tournament.  With the right mind set and the right cards, anything can happen.

Thanks for reading.