It's been sometime since I have written a blog. Mostly because I've just have had noting to say.  But mostly I just haven't had the time to do it.

So, the question I want to ask is: Why do you play poker?

For me it is simple, I just want to have some fun.  It does not matter if I win games or not, as long as I have a enjoyable and competitive game.  If I win games then that's great and if I make any money, then that is a bonus. So, where do I play the most?  You can generally find me in Tournaments and Freerolls games.  I am not much of a Cash Game player, but I do play some Omaha games.  I do enjoy the Omaha game.  I'm not bad at it but I do need more training in it as well as more playing time, especially in the cash game format.

So this leads me into the title of this blog: Are Changes in Poker Good or Bad?

There have been many changes with Online Poker sites over the last few months.  Many of that have been them withdrawing from certain countries. Some of it has been because of low membership, but it has been mostly due to new tax laws or purposed changes in tax laws.

PokerStars itself has had many changes before and since the new ownership.  Some of these have been accepted as natural and good.  However, quite a few of the changes, such as: New games added, others eliminated, PokerStars Pros being let go, increase in rake fees, and so much more.  I have followed alot of the talk both on Twitter as well as on the PSO Blogs and through Poker News sites. I know many are not happy with the changes, and some have even said that they will leave PokerStars because of the changes.  I hope they do not of course.

I myself do not like the Spin'N'Go games very much, but I know there are many that do like it and do well in it. I do not mind the Mission Challenge games myself, but I am not much of a fan of the Shootout games that are rewarded for completing the Missions. This is mostly due to the fact that I have a very poor win rate in the Shootout games.  The last two Challenges I managed only to get $1.50 out of it.  This works out to about a 10% win rate.  Not very good I know.  It's because of this, that I am not taking part of this weeks Mission Challenge.

One thing we must remember is that as poker players, we should always be ready to make changes in our game.  Not only in how we play our game, but also, the money management of our game.  For companies like PokerStars, those changes are just part of doing business and staying profitable.  With so many countries changing their tax laws and bank fees increasing, it is only natural that these costs are passed down to the players as well.

I'm a low level player and do not get into the big stakes very often unless I win a ticket through a contest, or by winning a satelite, so many of these changes do not affect me very much.  Yet they do still.  I can understand those that are into the higher stakes games (Cash and Tourneys) being affected much more and may in time, cause them to play less games.

Hopefully in time, things will settle down and work out to everyones benefit in the long run.

Well that's my say on things.