Ok so here is my update of how April went for me as well as May so far.


So after my problems in March, I just wanted to get to the basics of playing poker and not only getting my game back, but to improve on it as well.  Let's face it, we always need to work on something about our game, don't we.I

So April was just about that.  I was no longer striving to attain my 'ChromeStar' or achieve the 'SilverStar' level. Instead, I took the time to relearn the game and look for where I could improve on my game.  One of my biggest weakness has always been the lack of aggression in my game and taking chances.   Thankfully for me, the month of April had alot of Freeroll games in it so I could really work on those two points (as well as a few more).  It didn't take me long to make the changes that I needed to make and my game started to show the positive results of it.  I was lasting longer in these freerolls.  Although I wasn't winning any of them, I was however, placing high in them.  I believe that what helped me was getting into the game with just one thought on my mind and that was "Just have fun".  And that is just what I did, have fun.  No matter how I finished in the game, all I wanted was to just enjoy the game, have fun.

I even started to win or atleast, place in the top 2 and 3 of the smaller SNG's. One of the biggest games in April that I had was with the Canada Cup $109 Sat.  I had won a ticket for this from Poker News Canada.  At first, I was worried about playing is such a tournament as I felt that I would be completely dominated by players with a much greater poker skills than me.  There were 137 in total in the tournament and it did not take me long to feel at ease in the game and do well.  I finished 12th with 9 placing going on to the next level of play.  I may have been able to finish higher if I could have afforded the add-on which was $100.  Maybe even gotten a ticket for the next level.  However, I was happy with my game and I out lasted many players and even knocking a couple of them out to the tournament. 

Ok, so with April behind me, what did I expect from me in May?

I had a couple of tournaments at the beginning of May that I wanted to do well in so I took the first weekend off for that.  The first game was the Team Online Depositors FreeRoll.  In April, I finished in 37th spot, just missing the payout by one spot.  So, this month I wanted to do better.  I don't think it was about winning money for me as finishing in a better position.  If I could win anything along the way, then even better.  The format of this game is that this is a bounty game which has about 8 PokerStars Pro's in the game.  The bounty is $25 for each Pro you knock out of  the game.  Sweet yes? Well in the games that I have play in before, I have never had a pro at the same table as me.  So I was not expecting to have one this time either.  As the game went along, again there were no Pro player on my table.  But about half way through the game, Andre Coimbra was transferred to my table.  I figure now atleast I have a small chance of knocking out a Pro.  As the game was going on, Andre was doing really well, increasing his stack and helping to knock out a few players that were going after him very aggressively.  Then he has a couple of hands that don't go his way and suddenly Andre is short stacked.  I have been patiently waiting for a really good hand to challange Andre and my opportunity finally arrvies.  I'm dealt a  Sweet, but now how do I play this.  All in or slow play?  I decide to open with a 3bb bet.  Everyone but one player and Andre folds. They both call.  Flop is has nothing but I decide to jam all in.  To my surprise, Andre and other player calls.  Cards reveal Andre with  and villian with . Turn again is nothing to any of us as well as the river.  I get myself a bounty and two more players are out.  I end up finishing 12 in the game with $16 for the position and $25 bounty. 

I also played the Sunday Storm and had (at that time) my best finish, but no where near the payout.  So, just this past Sunday, I had won an entery into the Storm from a $2.20 Sat.  I finished out 5078 out of 35272 players and won $14.10.  Not a huge amount of money but still the best finish yet.  Here is one of the hands from this game:

Ok now about the title: "A Nit playing poker"  Lately, I have been called a nit, a bingo player, and a few other things.  In the past it would bother me.  Now it does not.  I look at it this way, they are calling me names because I was playing better poker than they were.   But then, I don't mind being called a nit when I'm playing so well.  I had one player during the "Home Games" say that she likes watching me play.  The reason was that, I go about the game a little differently than most other players. 

Thanks all for reading this.