Well March has come and gone and it perhaps for the better for me.  Oh it started off fine, playing lots of games and doing very well in them, just not great.

As the MicroMillions was approaching, I did very well in the Sat games for the 1st 4 games of the first day.  The first game I was doing very well for the first half of the game but struggled through the rest of the game and got knocked out just short of the payout. 

The 2 and 3 games I just did not have any luck 'sort of speak', and went out very early.

The fourth game turned out to be a Zoom game.   Now I am not a very good Zoom player and when I saw that this was a Zoom game, I figured I would be the first one gone.   However, that was not the case.  To my surprise  I did very well in this game and got so close to the payout.  However, with about 120 people left to get past for the payout, and I did not have a large chipstack available, I landed on the big blind 5 times in a row.   And this eat up my chips and that was it. Oh well it was fun never the less.

Shortly after this that things started to fall apart on me.  For those that do not know me, I suffer from depression.  I have been since I was in my early twenties.  Most of the times it does not cause me any problems and usually does not last for very long.  I think I'm one of the lucky ones as I do not need to take any meds for it.

A combination of these hit me around the same time which ended up causing the Depression.  It first started with not being able to sleep properly.  Then things at work became very difficult.  My hours had been cut back and the pay cheques just did not go very far anymore.  On top of that, there were some issues in my private life that happened which cause a lot of pain.  This of course I would get into.  The latter two parts are still on going issues but I believe I am in a better frame of mind to deal with them.

So, during this time, I was in alot of games, but I was playing very poorly, making bad decisions or getting part way into a game and just not wanting to play anymore.  I was thowing away my bankroll.  At this point, I was doing everything wrong that a person could do and the worst part of it was that I knew it but just didn't care.

It wasn't until about the last week and half of the month that I clued into what I was doing.  I just basically, stopped playing poker completely.   Except for the odd FreeRoll games and where I had a ticket to enter, I really didn't do very much.  Instead, I used this time to really look over how I had been playing (mostly before all this problem) to see where I was going wrong and what I was doing right.  I knew that one of my weaknesses is in the long games.  I needed to make changes to the 2nd half of how I play the game.  I wasn't nearly as aggressive as I should be and unlike the 1st half of the game, I can't wait for the good hands to come.  I have to take a few more changes and play hands that I would not normally play.  At the right time, a  or  can be very good hands.  I just need to keep an eye out for the other players and the table. 

So, what about this month?   Well, with the depression mostly out of the way, I am looking to bring back and improve on my games.  I may not get into any cash games for awhile, except where I may have tickets.  One of the other things that I have decided not to do for awhile also, is not to pursue any levels such as Chrome or Silver,  I found that this was just to tasking for this time period for me.  But I will in the future be working on the again. It would be easier if I was the type of person that could play 4 or 5 tables at a time, but I'm not.  I can do 2 without any problems but struggle trying to play 3 games.    Oh I know that I just need to do it more and I would get use to it.  In due time I will master playing more than 2 tables,  But for now, I will settle for 1 and 2 tables at a time.  Keep it simple.

So, that is enough rambling.  Have a good April all and See You all on the Tables.