Well I am a little late in getting this entry in.  January start off looking pretty good with all the promotions from PokerStars and my game was going very well.  I had set some goals that were pretty simple to get.  1st off I wanted to win atleast one of the "PowerPlay" games and to get onto the final table of  MTT SNG games, but more importantly, place in the money positions.  I have done both now. 

Some one wrote in their blog last month about being realistic about setting your goals.  He also stated that we should set goals on a monthly basis and not a yearly one.  This way we are more able to reach these goals.  Once we have met that one montly goal, then we can have a slightly increased goal the next month.  This made alot of sense to me.  I am not very good at setting goals for an entire year.  So, setting one for each month is, to me, a better way of doing things.  You just never know what will happen during that month. 

As I mentioned earlier, January started off very well and I was on my way to completing some of my goals.  Then the unexpected happened.  I got hit with the worest flu bug that I have ever had which lasted for just over a week.  During this time, my game suffered.  For the most part, I should not have been playing (but that is spilt milk).  My PSO Open Skill game suffered, as well as most other games.  The worst part for me was that I had so little energy. 

That was last month and this month (February), I am using most of the goals from last month which is place in the top 1000 of the Open Skill League for the month (not off to a good start on this one but lots of time to go still), Place in the money or win in a couple of the SNG's Multitable games.  So far I have placed 7th in the 500 Cap $.55 game and 3rd in a single table game. Still, I have been in the money in more than half of the games.  So, I'm keeping my BR around the even mark.  Now it's time to start increasing it.  I also wanted to place in the top 3 of Felix's Karmadollar Tourney on Sunday's.  I figured that this may happen a few months down the road, but to my surprise, the last one, I actually won it.  Now, it is not a huge payout style game, but it is much like the powerplay or PSO Community Home Games.  It's got alot to do with bragging rights more than anything else.  I also plan on getting in on one of the Sunday Storm games and seeing how well I do in this.  Sunday games are the hardest for me as being a night worker, these games start early in the morning and I generally get about 2-3 hours sleep.  So I am just a little hazy at the beginning of the game.

There are many other goals that I will be working on over the next few months and this includes being more aggressive in my playing style. However, that is as they say: "Work in Progress".

Thanks it for me.  See you all on the Virtual Felts, and Good Playing All.