It seems that it is about this time of year that everyone is looking back at the year, going over what they have done along with what goals that they had set for themselves.

So, why not me?

Although I signed up with PokerStars last year, and I thought that I knew how to play poker, I recieved a very ruded wake up for that.  Infact, I stopped playing poker for quite some time and almost uninstalled the PS program.  Thankfully I did not and decided to give it another try in the spring.  The results were not much better. 

I would most likely have giving up again if two things did not happen.  First I found Pokerschool and joined up.  Through the courses and training videos as well as the Live Training Sessions,  I was able to improve on my game.  Or at least a little bit.  I was still making alot of mistakes.

The other thing that helped me greatly was joining up the "Home Games" 'Pokerschool Online Community'.  Through the games and the tournements, I had many really good seasoned players tell me what I was doing wrong and how I should have played those hands.  Because I was playing live games at that moment, I was able to see what they meant and slowly correct how I was playing.  This lead me to lasting longer in games and in the long term, winning some games and tourneys.

Now, this leads me to GOALS

When I started out this year, I did not have any real goals set in my mind except just to be a better player.  I did not have any goals to improve on my rankings such as becoming a Chrome or Silver Star Rank player.  All I wanted was to be a better player and last in games with a chance of winning or at least placing in the top 10 or so.

As my skills improved, then I began to look at some goals.  One of those was placing in the top 10 of a Open Skill Game.   Reaching the points level, became relatively easy for the most part, but it was the cash placings that I was working for.  When you are playing against 10 thousand players, getting to 90th place was and still is, a challenge.  I have done that a few times (not as many times as I would like), but I did one thing that I would not think I would be able to do, or at least at this point of my skill level, and that was to win one of the Open Skill games.  It took me over 5 hours to do so, and I was exhausted by the time it was done. 

The other goal I had came with the PokerSchool Community Tournaments.  My game had improved enough that I was placing in the points and the payouts.  I even managed to finish 2nd and 3rd a few times.  However, I wanted to Win one of those games.  During the 12 Days of Christmas games, my game was at times good and at other times bad.  This was mostly due to my work schedule and missing many of the games or being tired after a days work.  It was during a deep stack game that I managed to get that win.  It was only one win and I would have perferred to have had many more, but I was happy and knew that this is only the beginning. 

Ok, so what is in store for me for 2014? 

Well, I am still going over that one and will be posting something in the forum about this.

That's it.  Good Gaming and as Dave Langolier says" See you on the Felts"