Poker is a game of Highs and Lows, of Hot Streaks and Cold Streaks, of utter despair where you think you will never play this game again, and of course the greatest feeling ever, that of Victory.

When you play in a tournement, whether it is a Playmoney/Freeroll game, or a Cash Tournement, you will cover most if not all of these emotions.  Each time you bet against an opponent, there is that rush.  You get an even larger rush when you knock someone out of the game.  I think there is no thrill bigger than playing against a higher ranked opponent than you and winning. 

Of course there are the Lows of the game.  I have experienced this so many times.  Through the 1st half of the game, or even some where in the game, you are not getting good cards and the few hands you do get in, you are being soundly beating.  You start to think to yourself that you should just give up, Play another time.  Should you?  Well I always say, that as long as you have chips, you have a chance.  As slim as it might seem at the time you just can never now.  I have been in games where I have gotten down to a few hundred chips, 1.5 - 2 big blinds.  By this time you are desperate for a good hand.  But, you get cards such as 4/8 suited.    If you fold now, then the anti will put you all in on the next hand.  It is better to go out on your own terms at this point.  Here is manybe the greastest rush of all:  In a 9 player table, if all you have is say 300 in chips left and all 8 players call your 300, suddenly, the pot is over 2400 in chips.  The Flop, Turn and/or River gives you a win with a  Flush Draw.  Now you are back in the game.  I find that when this happens, my luck changes and I start to get the cards that I need and have some room to make more than min bets.  For me, this is the best rush of all.  This is where I throw my arms up in the air and do a little dance.

I have seen in games where players loose most of the stack and are left with a 3rd of their chips left and then just give up.  Although this is good for the rest of us, I think that this is really the wrong attitude to their game.  I just like to say "Never give up on a game, Your luck can change very quickly for the better.  Be patient."