Hi Everyone and Welcome to my second Blog

I want to talk about is my take on handling two little cards that can bring great joy and at the same time great sorrow.  That is:    Pocket Aces.  

The Question is:  What do we do with them?  For those who are just getting started in this game, the 1st instinct is to go all in.  Sometimes this is good, but other times .... well not good.   Most of us have at one time or another have done that and are stunned when we loose.  We are either out of the game, or sitting there very short stacked wondering what went wrong.  I have seen this and sadly, done this myself. 

When those Aces are dealt to you, you need to firstly, take a moment and refrain from betting ALLIN.  Why?  Well, there are many considerations that must be taken in before you do anything.  Your position on the table, whom you are playing against, your chip stack for starts.  If you are short stack, then you have to play with some caution like you would do with any other hands.  If you are playing against some aggressive players, you need to consider this.  Your table position comes into play as well.  Once you have taken all this in, then it comes to your first bet. 

No matter where your position is, you should never start out with an All In call.  Instead, you should test the field with a larger bid but not too big to scare everyone off or to put you in a unfavorable position is they should reraise you or worst, go all in.  I feel that a 3 or 4 Big Blind should be find and give you enough info about what the other players are going to do.  Even if they reraise you, then you still have room to manuver.   Here is an example of playing aces and getting a good result:

This worked out in my favor and increasing my stack and reducing the number of players at the table.

Just as Aces can go well for you, they can also you very badly for you too.  Here is another example of a player who had aces and lost:

This player should have folded early in the game when he/she was not getting the supporting cards in the flop or turn.  Also, if you are being aggressively raised after the flop, them you have to look at that this person may have ended up with a better hand than you.  Ask yourself, "Can I afford to wait for a 3rd Aces to come up?"  The answer is mostly likely NO. 

The point that I am trying to make is always be on guard when you have a pair of aces.  You will not win every time.  Don't be afraid to take your time with them, and if it looks like the hand is not going your way, Fold it.

Yah I know, " What fold Aces? Are you nuts?"  Look at it this way, is it not better to fold a hand that not playing well for you.  Why loose alot of chips or all of them, when you can safely bow out and loose only a small amount of chips.

Hope you enjoy this and maybe helps too. 

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