Well I have finally been able to put a few words down for my blog.  I hope you all like it.

Like me, I believe that most people that have joined POKERSTARS, have done so to have fun and play some poker games.  Many are happy just to be at that level.  Others, like myself, wanted to improve my game so that I could do better in games and maybe even win a few. 

That was when I joined up with the PSO (Poker School Online), and found all these great training videos and live training sessions.  These have help me so much.  The instructors such as Dave, Andy and Felix, and others, give so much great advice both in the recorded training videos, as well as with the live training sessions and with the latter, you can ask questions and have either the instructor answer them or others in the sessions that have knoweldge answer them.

Of course, all the training is nothing if you do not put them into practice.  This is were joining a Open Skill League is of benefit. as you can put to practice some of the things that you have learned and most importantly, finding your style of game.

I believe that before you have a chance to improve in this sport/game, that you firstly, need to develop the way you play the game.  Not everyone can play the game the same way.  That's why there are different labals that are giving to players such as "Passive/Aggresive" and Aggresive/Passive and many more.  All these styles can work for you as well as work against you. 

I also have found that getting into Tournaments such as the EPT Freerolls and the current, WCOOP Freerolls, have been great areas for me to try different styles and aggressions that I would not normally try in other games.  These cost nothing to sign up in and come up on regular schedule that if you try something and it does not work, then you can wait for another game and either try it again, or try something else. 

For me, I still have a lot of learning to do and continuing to make improvement in my game.  This is not a simply game and there is just sooo much to learn and to put into practice.  Learning to read players, counting your outs just to name acouple of them.

Hope you enjoy this insite