So i just made my pokerstars account, I'm currently taking advantage of the many training options available at the Poker Online School. I managed to get the School Pass, so i registered for the 21:05 tourney. I also used my free 0.10 ticket which is a 360 SNG Turbo. 

I ended up getting knocked out of the School Pass Tourney quite early, i had K10 on a J 10 3 board. The turn came another low card and the river a jack. I figured my 10 was good, however he ended up having a J with a low kicker. If im gonna play i need to remember to isolate and get the bad hands out, that way i can better calculate what possible hands a person has. 

I ended up not getting many hands , i had about 6 BB left and i ended up jamming with K10 got called by A7 and lost. I did make it 66/360 which i think is pretty good. I'm gonna continue down the courses available on this website and see what happens. 


Thanks for reading

Gregory L