This sub-challenge belongs to my  Big Challenge : 5 years to SNE


What it is about?
Playing 1000 Frerolls this year.

Why to do it, idiot?
To learn to control my tilting tendencies.

How it will help?
Get used to be abused, sucked out. The idea is to get exposed to these situations so many times, that it will not strees anymore. Learn to embrace the idea that it will happen over and over and over.

How do you plan to do it?
Playing the maximum number of freerolls that I can to end this sub-challenge fast.
My goal is to finish until the end of this year, but maybe in a couple of months I think its done.
I think a minimum of 5 tourneys per day.

Will you post your results here?
Yes, so stay tuned.

Good luck dummy.



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