This "sub" belongs to the big challenge: 5 years to achieve SNE.


My intent  with this sub-challenge is to motivate me to get fit, to get health.

To work at an state of peak performance you need your body in the best shape possible. SNE plays hours and hours in a condition of strees and sedentary state.

It´s pretty obvious that you wont make it, if you are overweight, as I am, and not resting enough, like I usually do.

My goal is to lose 88 pounds within 2 years.

To achive this I plan to:

1) Eat better : calculate my caloric needs, and make a diet plan according with these needs.

2) Gym: Enroll and go 3 times a week at least.

3) Sleep: rest its important too. Get my full 8 hours every day.

4) Track: Weekly and Montly to dont get sloppy and quit. Post here my weight updates.

5) Monthly Goal: Lose 3,7 pounds/month

6) Weekly Goal: Lose 0,92 pounds/week.

I think that it will be REALLY hard since I THINK like a fat guy.

The mental side will be cruel , but  if I wanna make changes, it will not come easily.


Goo luck for me!