Introduction myself:

Hy, my nickname here at Pokerstars is GroundBurst, and Im from Brazil.
Sorry if you find many english mistakes. Im not good at all to write in this language.

About the challenge:

I know its looks stupid, 5 years, its too long, etc...
But I want a slow peace in this challenge, primarly because Im a fish, a tilted fish.
Have so many leaks in my game, but, truly?, I tilt too easy.
My biggest flaw is this...HiperTilting.
I pretend to work hard in this issue first place, while I study the game with discipline.
Its a really big commitment, and requires a lot of planning, hard work, discipline, and true, some talent. But I know that I dont have it,  so I will work double hard in it.
Ill set up the official initial day at 01/08/2013, just because its looks cool,  the second semester beginning.


Ill begin with the obvious: 
1) Study really hard,
2) Contruct my bankroll,
3) Work on my psychological issues that leaves me to HiperTilt.

My idea is to find the leaks that I have and improve then with mini-challengs, to not get bored. And Im making this journey public to realy make me stand-up to work and keep forward everyday.
I hope that I improve my english to write better and better.

All the mini-challengs Ill post here too.

And I make a commitment to write down one time a week a resume of this journey.
Lets do It!