Gotta love this game... I've been on a roll this last week.  DOWNHILL!  Not playing terribly, but a string of bad luck has just killed me..

I've had trip K's post flop, topped by a pair of 2's... yeah, runner runner 2's for quads.

Tonight.. A2... flop comes 345... guy pushes... he has a pair of 8's.. I'm thinkin ... k.. got this one.. 
turn comes, 6.. .river... 7... Holy crap.. my wheel just got spun with runner runner.

Pair of 10's.. pre-flop all in.. I have him covered 2.. maybe 3 to 1... A J... flop comes AAJ.. full house on the flop.. 

I've got more... I've got witnesses!  lol.. Waahh... waahh.. when will it end?  

Maybe next time.. and thank goodness it's only on PokerStars PLAY money tables..