Well I won 11.00 tourney dollars, and I lost 11.00 tourney dollars.  I would love to tell everyone is was sick beats and awesome play, but the truth is it was a combination of sick beats, flopping the nut set, only to watch a guy runner-runner quads, and losing patience and calling an all in with A-Js.

I am starting the grind again, working my free rolls and super micro tournaments, also I am trying to do this poker school league, but I have to tell you guys it’s an absolute minefield of stupidity.

I get pocket aces, I raise from 80, to 650, I get 4 callers.  I flop a set of aces, I shove all in, get called by 3 people, lose to a backdoor straight, and a backdoor flush.  These are the hands that called me and my large pre-flop raise?  A-Kos, 7-2 os, Q-6s, 2-2.  

I'm not sure how to beat those kind of plays, I can't fade the whole damn deck, and if I am going to get 4 callers when I raise that large pre, how can I expect to dodge everyone’s hand?