In October I took a two week vacation to kinda get away from it all you know sometimes it has to be done just to take a break from the daily routine....So anyways this resulted in not playing poker as well for those two weeks.So i got busted back down to open leauge {where by the way there is little skill involved}.....Ive been in the prem leauge ever since it started and i cant wait to get back.I am now on page 1 of leaderboard in open once again.The stlye of play is much different here in open.Too many maniacs means im folding aces preflop in position trying to hang on till hand for hand is the only way to get anywheres points wise unless you are a lucky freak.Its pretty boring to just use the clock and wait for points but its got to be done if you want to stay in the race.after week 1 ive got 1950 points so we will see how it goes from here.I miss playing in premium where you can actually play poker instead of donkey lotto bingo.Plus now I have yet another chat ban telling off some tard on the tables when will i learn lol....good luck at the tables and see you soon in premium next month!....BEAST OUT