So I sat down at the $1.35 $7000 bounty tourney earlier tonight 10/12/2012 and I was running ok for an hour or so and had won my way up to around 8000 in chips. I get dealt AK in late position and I had 4 people flat call the big blind which was 400. I decided I only had one move, go all in because I was only 20bbs and if I raised then I would end up with a 5 way pot. I move all in and all but one folded, the last person to fold showed his Ace 8 suited like it was a tough fold. I to my delight saw my opponent has Ace 6 off suit (he snap called too) and I bet you already know the rest, he hits trip 6's on the flop and I hit nothing. It seems to happen to me far too often when I hold AK and I am getting a little fed up with losing when I dominate. What's your thoughts people did I make a wrong move? Why does it happen to me all the time?