So I haven't posted in a long time and I had nearly given up on PokerStars as I had a lot of bad beats which accumulated to a very bad run and I have now changed my outlook and strategy. I went from $600+ to $44- over this last year and I am quite disgusted about this, I must admit that most of it was my own fault as I have never really used a good bankroll managment. I am now setting my maximum buy in of $1 and hopefully this stop me from wasting my br on one buy in.

Since starting this new br managment I have had pretty good results and I am currently $11 up over 3 days, which for a $1 can't be that bad. One of the reasons why I have changed my strategy is that I saw Phil Helmuth won the WSOPE this year and he did this by drastically changing up his play. I thought I would do the same and see what happens.

Today Sunday 9/12/2012 I have played 3 tourneys and I have cashed in all so far, admittedly I didn't make any final tables but at least I am cashing! Will try to keep updating my blog with upcoming results.